MOESM21 of Genome-wide analysis of gene regulation mechanisms during Drosophila spermatogenesis

Petr Laktionov, Daniil Maksimov, Stanislav Romanov, Polina Antoshina, Olga Posukh, Helen White-Cooper, Dmitry Koryakov & Stepan Belyakin
Additional file 21: Fig. 17. Performance of peak calling algorithm illustrated by Can DamID data. A Numbers of Can peaks and false positive peaks at different significance levels. FDR=0.05 is reached at the P = 1.7 × 10−7 (dashed line). B Specificity of peak calling at different FDR values. At high FDR values, there is no prevalence of Can to the genes that are down-regulated in can mutants over the genes that are up-regulated. At FDR = 0.05, the...
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