Additional file 1: of A novel interaction between CX3CR1 and CCR2 signalling in monocytes constitutes an underlying mechanism for persistent vincristine-induced pain

Karli Montague, Raffaele Simeoli, & Marzia Malcangio
Table S1. Antibodies used for immunohistochemistry. Table S2. Antibodies used for Western blot analysis. Figure S1. No microglial response is detectable in VCR-treated CCR2 heterozygous or knockout mice. Figure S2. Prophylactic treatment of CX3CR1 heterozygous mice with RS-102895 does not affect the onset or severity of allodynia in cycle 1. Figure S3. Treatment with RS-102895 does not reduce VCR-associated allodynia in CX3CR1+/GFP mice. Figure S4. Peritoneal monocytes/macrophages express CCR2 under basal conditions. Figure S5. Transfection...
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