Additional file 1: of Temporomandibular joint regeneration: proposal of a novel treatment for condylar resorption after orthognathic surgery using transplantation of autologous nasal septum chondrocytes, and the first human case report

Ricardo De Souza Tesch, Esther Takamori, Karla Menezes, Rosana Carias, Cláudio Dutra, Marcelo De Freitas Aguiar, Tânia Torraca, Alexandra Senegaglia, , Debora Daga, Paulo Brofman & Radovan Borojevic
Immunophenotypic characterization of the surface CD markers by flow cytometry. The blue histograms indicate the percentage of the positive expression for each antibody while the red histograms indicate the isotype control. (A) Surface markers for the characterization of mesenchymal stem cells. (B) Surface markers indicating the chondrogenic profile. The cells were characterized before their clinical application. (PDF 351 kb)
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