Additional file 1: of iPSC-derived familial Alzheimer’s PSEN2 N141I cholinergic neurons exhibit mutation-dependent molecular pathology corrected by insulin signaling

Cesar Moreno, Lucio Della Guardia, Valeria Shnyder, Maitane Ortiz-Virumbrales, Ilya Kruglikov, Bin Zhang, Eric Schadt, Rudolph Tanzi, Scott Noggle, Christoph Buettner & Sam Gandy
Figure S1. Western blots of iPSC-derived basal cholinergic neuroprecursors cell lines. Cells were insulin deprived overnight before the addition 1000 ng/ml of insulin (insulin was not added to time 0′). Lysates were collected at 0, 10, or 30-min exposure. Quantified western blot data was normalized over Gapdh and expressed as fold change of 0 ng/ml dose. An effect on concentration response was detected by 2-way ANOVA if indicated. These data correspond to results of three...
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