Replacing the 238th aspartic acid with an arginine impaired the oligomerization activity and inflammation-inducing property of pyolysin

Wenlong Zhang, Haili Wang, Bing Wang, Yue Zhang, Yunhao Hu, Bo Ma & Junwei Wang
Trueperella pyogenes (T. pyogenes) is an important opportunistic pathogen. Pyolysin (PLO) importantly contributes to the pathogenicity of T. pyogenes. However, the relationship between the structure and function and the virulence of PLO is not well documented. In the current study, recombinant PLO (rPLO) and three rPLO mutants were prepared. rPLO D238R, a mutant with the 238th aspartic acid replaced with an arginine, showed impairment in oligomerization activity on cholesterol-containing liposome and pore-forming activity on sheep...
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