Pilot study 3D metric data of intraoral molding measurements taken from digitalised plaster models for infants with cleft lip and palate created by computer-aided design and manufacture with and without the RapidNAM refinement

Florian Dieter Grill, Lucas Ritschl, Franz Bauer, Andrea Rau, Dominik Gau, Maximilian Roth, Markus Eblenkamp, Klaus-Dietrich Wolff & Denys J. Loeffelbein
This dataset is a single .xlsx spreadsheet with two tabs. The data are the location of 3D metric points (x,y,z) on plaster models of the upper jaw of 13 healthy newborns who required treatment of unilateral cleft palate and lip (CLP). The two tabs are the data for two treatment approaches: (i) computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM); (ii) CAD/CAM with the RapidNAM refinement.
The related publication analyses the effectiveness of a technique called RapidNAM, which...
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