Centromere protein F (CENPF), a microtubule binding protein, modulates cancer metabolism by regulating pyruvate kinase M2 phosphorylation signaling

Muhammad Shahid, Min Young Lee, Honit Piplani, Allen M. Andres, Bo Zhou, Austin Yeon, Minjung Kim, Hyung L. Kim & Jayoung Kim
Prostate cancer (PC) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and is the second leading cause of male cancer-related death in North America. Metabolic adaptations in malignant PC cells play a key role in fueling the growth and progression of the disease. Unfortunately, little is known regarding these changes in cellular metabolism. Here, we demonstrate that centromere protein F (CENPF), a protein associated with the centromere-kinetochore complex and chromosomal segregation during mitosis, is mechanically...
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