Overexpression of Fbxo6 inactivates spindle checkpoint by interacting with Mad2 and BubR1

Han-Zhang Xu, Zhuo-Qun Wang, Hui-Zhuang Shan, Li Zhou, Li Yang, Hu Lei, Bin Liu & Ying-Li Wu
The spindle assembly checkpoint prevents chromosome mis-segregation during mitosis by delaying sister chromatid separation. Several F-box protein members play critical roles in maintaining genome stability and regulating cell cycle progress via ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation. Here, we showed that Fbxo6 critically regulated spindle checkpoint and chromosome segregation. Fbxo6 was phosphorylated during mitosis. Overexpression of Fbxo6 lead to faster exit from nocodazole-induced mitosis arrest through premature sister chromatid separation. Moreover, we found substantially more binuclear and multilobed...
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