MYC and RAS are unable to cooperate in overcoming cellular senescence and apoptosis in normal human fibroblasts

Fan Zhang, Siti Mariam Zakaria, Vedrana Högqvist Tabor, Madhurendra Singh, Susanna Tronnersjö, Jacob Goodwin, Galina Selivanova, Jiri Bartek, Alina Castell & Lars-Gunnar Larsson
The MYC and RAS oncogenes are sufficient for transformation of normal rodent cells. This cooperativity is at least in part based on suppression of RAS-induced cellular senescence by MYC and block of MYC-induced apoptosis by RAS – thereby canceling out two main barriers against tumor development. However, it remains unclear whether MYC and RAS cooperate in this way in human cells, where MYC and RAS are not sufficient for transformation. To address this question, we...
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