Soil carbon stock and Plinthosol fertility in smallholder land-use systems in the eastern Amazon, Brazil

Ceália Cristine Dos Santos, Altamiro Souza De Lima Ferraz Junior, Sandra Oliveira Sá, Jhonatan Andrés Muñoz Gutiérrez, Heder Braun, Max Sarrazin, Michel Brossard & Thierry Desjardins
The soil organic carbon (SOC) stock is an important attribute in the maintenance of ecosystem services by natural and agricultural ecosystems. In the humid tropics, slash-and-burn cultivation for food production and establishment of pastures has frequently led to soil degradation. In the eastern Brazilian Amazonia, we assessed impacts of different land-use systems on the SOC stock and some chemical properties of soils. Four land-use systems were studied: shifting cultivation (SC), pasture (PA), mixed fallow (MF)...
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