Phenol removal from wastewater by surface imprinted bacterial cellulose nanofibres

Ali Derazshamshir, , Emel Tamahkar, Fatma Yılmaz, Necdet Sağlam & Adil Denizli
In this study, we have reported a novel wastewater treatment technique by phenol imprinted bacterial cellulose (BC-MIP) nanofibres with high specificity and adsorption capacity. N-methacryloyl-(L) phenylalanine methyl ester (MAPA) functional monomer was used to create specific binding sites for the template molecule phenol via electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions. BC-MIP nanofibres were synthesized by surface imprinting approach in the presence of different amounts of total monomer (% weight), monomer/template ratio and polymerization time. Then, the nanofibres...
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