Expanded 3D nanofibre sponge scaffolds by gas-foaming technique enhance peripheral nerve regeneration

Feng Rao, Zhipeng Yuan, Ming Li, Fei Yu, Xingxing Fang, Baoguo Jiang, Yongqiang Wen & Peixun Zhang
Peripheral nerve injury has troubled clinical doctors for many years. To obtain better function recovery of peripheral nerve repair at the base of hollow nerve guidance conduit (NGC), many NGCs with fillers were developed in the application of tissue-engineered nerve graft. In this study, expanded 3D nanofibre sponge scaffolds with orientation and porosity were first fabricated by electrospinning and gas-foaming technique. Polylactic acid (PLA)/silk fibroin nanofibre sponge scaffolds were prepared as filler to construct 3D...
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