Ultraconserved elements resolve genus-level relationships in a major Australasian bird radiation (Aves: Meliphagidae)

Michael J. Andersen, Jenna M. McCullough, Nicholas R. Friedman, A. Townsend Peterson, Robert G. Moyle, Leo Joseph & Árpád S. Nyári
The honeyeaters are the most species-rich clade of birds east of Wallace’s Line. They occupy a wide range of habitats, from desert to rainforest, and occur throughout Australia, New Guinea, and oceanic islands across Wallacea and the Pacific. Honeyeater natural history is well characterised, but comparative studies of this group are hampered by the lack of a well-supported phylogeny. Here, we infer the first genome-scale, genus-level phylogeny of the honeyeaters using 4397 ultraconserved elements from...
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