MicroRNA-10b controls the metastasis and proliferation of colorectal cancer cells by regulating Krüppel-like factor 4

Yue Xie, Jing Zhao, Yanling Liang, Min Chen, Yihong Luo, Xiaobing Cui, Bo Jiang, Liang Peng & Xinying Wang
Mir-10b has been reported as a key regulator of metastasis in many human tumours. Moreover, it has also been regarded as a prognostic marker and therapeutic target of colorectal cancer (CRC). Whether miR-10b could affect the metastasis and proliferation of CRC is unclear. MiR-10b expression was detected by qPCR in human CRC tissues and cell line, Luciferase activity was employed for miR-10b binding to the 3`UTR of KLF4, Genes expression were examined by western blot,...
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