TCam-2 Cells Deficient for SOX2 and FOXA2 are Blocked in Differentiation and Maintain a Seminoma-Like Cell Fate In Vivo

Daniel Nettersheim, Saskia Vadder, Sina Jostes, Alena Heimsoeth & Hubert Schorle
Testicular germ cell tumors (GCTs) are very common in young men and can be stratified into seminomas and non-seminomas. While seminomas share a similar gene expression and epigenetic profile with primordial germ cells, the stem cell population of the non-seminomas, the embryonal carcinoma (EC), resembles malignant embryonic stem cells. Thus, ECs are able to differentiate into cells of all three germ layers (teratomas) and even extra-embryonic-tissue-like cells (yolk-sac tumor, choriocarcinoma). In the last years, we...
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