Alkannin restrains oral squamous carcinoma cell growth, migration and invasion by regulating microRNA-9/RECK axis

Yulong Mao, Weiwei Zhang, Ronghe Zhang & Jinhua Zuo
Alkannin (ALK) has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour activities. We tried to probe the underlying functions of ALK in oral squamous carcinoma (OSCC) cells growth, migration and invasion. OSCC cells viability was investigated after treatment with ALK. Then, BrdU, flow cytometry, Western blot and Transwell assays were executed to appraise proliferation, apoptosis, migration and invasion in OSCC cells with ALK stimulation. The biological functions of miR-9 were explored after miR-9 mimic/inhibitor transfection. The relevance of RECK and...
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