Levamisole on the biochemical and hematological responses to parasitism by monogenoids in dog snapper

Bruno De Laquila Oliveira, Rodrigo Matos De Souza, Jorge Pinto Da Silva Filho, Halysson Pena Ribeiro, Deusélio Bassini Fioresi, Levy De Carvalho Gomes & Luiz Fernando Loureiro Fernandes
ABSTRACT: The response of biochemical and hematological parameters were analyzed in dog snapper (Lutjanus jocu) grown in net cages, as well as for the specimens kept in the laboratory during an infestation by Neobenedenia melleni, and after treatment with freshwater bath and injectable application of levamisole. Significant changes were observed in N. melleni parasitized individuals, characterized by increased glucose and lactate levels, as well as a significant fish hematocrit reduction and leukocyte increase. Treatment with...
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