Evaluation of the ischiofemoral space: a case-control study

Antônio Augusto Guimarães Barros, Fernanda Bretz Gomes Dos Santos, Carlos César Vassalo, Lincoln Paiva Costa, Sérgio Gonçalves Pereira Couto & Ana Rita Da Glória Soares
Abstract Objective: To determine the size of the ischiofemoral space (IFS) and quadratus femoris space (QFS) in patients with and without ischiofemoral impingement (IFI). Materials and Methods: Case-control study including consecutive patients submitted to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the hip joint during a three-month period. Patients with deep gluteal pain who tested positive for IFI on at least one clinical test and showed signal changes in the quadratus femoris muscle on MRI were categorized...
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