Myotubularin related protein 7 is essential for the spermatogonial stem cell homeostasis via PI3K/AKT signaling

Dan Zhao, Cong Shen, Tingting Gao, Hong Li, Yueshuai Guo, Feng Li, Chenchen Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Xia Chen, Xi Zhang, Yangyang Wu, Yi Yu, Meng Lin, Yan Yuan, Xiaofang Chen, Xiaoyan Huang, Shenmin Yang, Jun Yu, Jun Zhang & Bo Zheng
Myotubularin related protein 7 (MTMR7), a key member of the MTMR family, depicts phosphatase activity and is involved in myogenesis and tumor growth. We have previously identified MTMR7 in the proteomic profile of mouse spermatogonial stem cell (SSC) maturation and differentiation, implying that MTMR7 is associated with neonatal testicular development. In this study, to further explore the distribution and function of MTMR7 in mouse testis, we studied the effect of Mtmr7 knockdown on neonatal testicular...
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