Genome-wide copy numbers for enomes of nine Macaca species based on 1kb windows

Jing Li, , , Amanda Pendleton, Yang Song, , , Jeffrey M Kidd & Jing Li
This is the genome-wide copy numbers for every 1kb window in the genomes of nine Macaca species, including the Chinese rhesus (M. mulatta lasiota, CR), cynomolgus (M. fascicularis, CE), Tibetan (M. thibetana, TM), stump-tailed (M. arctoides, SM), southern pig-tailed (M. nemestrina, PM), Japanese (M. fuscata, JM), Taiwanese (M. cyclopis, TwM), Barbary (M. sylvanus, BM), and lion-tailed (M. Silenus, LM) macaques.
Methods: We employed FastQC (v0.11.8) ( to do quality control checks on raw data of resequencing...
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