Neuronal-specific microexon splicing of TAF1 mRNA is directly regulated by SRRM4/nSR100

Simona Capponi, Nadja Stöffler, Manuel Irimia, Frederik M.A. Van Schaik, Mercedes M. Ondik, Martin L. Biniossek, Lisa Lehmann, Julia Mitschke, Marit W. Vermunt, Menno P. Creyghton, Ann M. Graybiel, Thomas Reinheckel, Oliver Schilling, Benjamin J. Blencowe, Jill R. Crittenden & H. Th. Marc Timmers
Neuronal microexons represent the most highly conserved class of alternative splicing events and their timed expression shapes neuronal biology, including neuronal commitment and differentiation. The six-nt microexon 34ʹ is included in the neuronal form of TAF1 mRNA, which encodes the largest subunit of the basal transcription factor TFIID. In this study, we investigate the tissue distribution of TAF1-34ʹ mRNA and protein and the mechanism responsible for its neuronal-specific splicing. Using isoform-specific RNA probes and antibodies,...
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