Landscape of RNA editing reveals new insights into the dynamic gene regulation of spermatogenesis

Xiaodan Wang, Xiaolong Wu, Zhenshuo Zhu, Hao Li, Tongtong Li, Qun Li, Peng Zhang, Leijie Li, Dongxue Che, Xia Xiao, Tong Liu, Jinlian Hua & Mingzhi Liao
Spermatogenesis is an important physiological process associated with male infertility. As a kind of post-transcriptional regulation, RNA editings (REs) change the genetic information at the mRNA level. But whether there are REs and what’s the role of REs during the process are still unclear. In this study, we integrated published RNA-Seq datasets and established a landscape of RNA REs during the development of mouse spermatogenesis. Totally, 7530 editing sites occurred in 2012 genes among all...
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