Correlation of Aqueous Humor Lysyl Oxidase Activity with TGF-ß Levels and LOXL1 Genotype in Pseudoexfoliation

, Karunakaran Coral, , , Krishnamoorthy Sripriya, , , George Ronnie, &
Purpose: Pseudoexfoliation (PXF) is a microfibrillopathy involving disordered elastogenesis. Abnormal extracellular matrix (ECM) production underlies the pathophysiology of PXF. The enzyme Lysyl oxidase (LOX) and its isoforms are known to cross-link the elastin and collagen. Though the etiopathogensis of PXF is not well understood, studies report on the genetic risk involving LOXL1 gene. This study aims to screen LOXL1 coding variants rs1048661 and rs3825942 in the South Indian population and the implication of the single...
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