Age constraints of the glaciation in the Paraná Basin: evidence from new U–Pb dates

Joice Cagliari, Ruy Paulo Philipp, Victoria Valdez Buso, Renata Guimarães Netto, Peter Klaus Hillebrand, Ricardo Da Cunha Lopes, Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei &
The absence of absolute dating in glacial deposits of the Paraná Basin prevents better understanding of the complete history of the Late Palaeozoic Ice Age in Western Gondwana and the climatic change that took place in the late Carboniferous. In this study, new U–Pb radiometric ages date the topmost glacial deposits of the Itararé Group at 307.7 ± 3.1 Ma (Kasimovian–Moscovian) and the base of post-glacial deposits of the Rio Bonito Formation at 298.8 ±...
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