Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Ancestral mesodermal reorganization and evolution of the vertebrate head

Takayuki Onai, Toshihiro Aramaki, Hidehiko Inomata, Tamami Hirai & Shigeru Kuratani
Dorsal mesoderm formation in chordates. Figure S2. Phylogenetic trees of dorsal mesoderm genes. Figure S3. Dorsal mesodermal gene expression in lamprey (L. japonicum) and shark (S. torazame) embryos. Figure S4. Suppression of the Wnt/PCP-signaling pathway in Xenopus embryos. Figure S5. Flrt3 evolved in the vertebrate lineage. Figure S6. Flrt3-Rnd1 system is essential for mesoderm formation in vertebrates. Table S1. Summary of expression pattern of genes in Figure S2. (DOCX 8727Â kb)
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