MOESM1 of Improving total saccharification yield of Arabidopsis plants by vessel-specific complementation of caffeoyl shikimate esterase (cse) mutants

Lívia Vargas, Igor Cesarino, Ruben Vanholme, , Marina Lyra Soriano Saleme, Kris Morreel & Wout Boerjan
Additional file 1. Expression analysis of CSE in 12 DAG seedlings of cse-2 proVND::CSE lines, cse-2 mutant, and the wild type as determined via RT-qPCR. The normalized expression of each genotype is relative to that of the wild type. Error bars indicate the standard deviation. Differences in gene expression were assessed with one-way ANOVA. Tukey HSD’s test was used as a post hoc comparison, with statistical significance considered at the 0.05 level (n = 4).
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