Additional file 4: Table S4. of Sex-specific gene expression in the mosquito Culex pipiens f. molestus in response to artificial light at night

, Paul Johnston & Michael Monaghan
Spreadsheet listing all differentially expressed gene s between male and female mosquitoes. GeneID = gene ID; base Mean = the mean of the normalized counts for all samples;log2FoldChange = Log 2 fold change in expression low-light relative to control; lfcMLE = unshrunken maximum likelihood estimates of Log2 fold change in expression; lfcSE = Standard Error of log2FoldChange; Stat = Wald statisic; pvalue; padj = p value adjusted after Benjamini-Hochberg; Annotation = functional annotation of the gene; Domain(s) = Interpro domain annotations. Genes with an absolute fold change of two are shown in bold....
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