Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Oxalate induces breast cancer

Andrés Castellaro, Alfredo Tonda, Hugo Cejas, Héctor Ferreyra, Beatriz Caputto, Oscar Pucci & German Gil
Oxalate induces proliferation of breast cancer cells but not of HEK-293 and NIH-3 T3 cells. Proliferation was measured in MCF-7, MDA-MB231, HEK-293 and NIH-3 T3 cells after 3 days of treatment by counting cells in a Neubauer Chamber. Cells were cultured in DMEM medium plus an additional specific reagent or not, according to each condition. Con: Control, none additional reagent. FBS: fetal bovine serum. Ox: oxalic acid. A.A.: acetic acid. Bars represent the standard error...
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