MOESM1 of Cloning a novel endo-1,4-β-d-glucanase gene from Trichoderma virens and heterologous expression in E. coli

Rong Zeng, Qiao Hu, Xiao-Yan Yin, Hao Huang, Jia-Bao Yan, Zhi-Wei Gong & Zhong-Hua Yang
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Green spores of T. viride ZY-01. Figure S2. Agarose gel of extracted RNA from T. viride ZY-01. Figure S3. EG gene Nucleotide sequence blast between strain T. virens ZY-01 and T. viride AS3.3711. Figure S4. Agarose gel map of E. coli DH5α/pET-32a-EG clony PCR. Figure S5. The fitting curve of Michaelis–Menten model.
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