Additional file 3: Figure S2. of Interactions between the oomycete Pythium arrhenomanes and the rice root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola in aerobic Asian rice varieties

, , , , , , & Tina Kyndt
Nematode development at 20 DAI from greenhouse experiment for Palawan (A,C,E) and IR81413-BB-75-4 (B,D,F) under different infection schemes. (A,B) Total number of nematodes, (C,D) number of galls, and (E,F) the developmental stages of M. graminicola per plant at 20 days after transplanting. Statistics were performed with Mann-Whitney U test (α = 0.05), different letters indicate significant differences (n = 12). Statistics for (E,F) were performed by giving each group a total score; where the percentage of each stage has...
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