Additional file 1: of Identification of candidate genes involved in Witches’ broom disease resistance in a segregating mapping population of Theobroma cacao L. in Brazil

Stefan Royaert, Johannes Jansen, Daniela Da Silva, Samuel De Jesus Branco, Donald Livingstone, , , , Ronan Corrêa & Juan Motamayor
Layout of the field experiment. Individual trees were planted in 2002 in a 3 × 3 m grid. Every fifth row in the field contained 5–19 trees (depending on the length of the rows) of the variety ‘Comum’, which is susceptible to WBD and serves as a natural and permanent inoculum source. Shade was provided using the traditional ‘cabruca’ system in which the trees are grown amongst the Atlantic Forest's native canopies. (XLS 97 kb)
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