MOESM3 of Janus kinase inhibition suppresses PKC-induced cytokine release without affecting HIV-1 latency reversal ex vivo

Adam Spivak, Erin Larragoite, McKenna Coletti, Amanda Macedo, Laura Martins, Alberto Bosque & Vicente Planelles
Additional file 3: Figure 2. Ingenols do not induce pro-inflammatory cytokine release in purified resting CD4+ T cell cultures. Concentrations of pro-inflammatory cytokines TNFα, IFNγ, IL-1β and IL-6 were not significantly elevated in the presence of ingenol-3,20-dibenzoate (ingenol DB) or ingenol B compared to media alone control at 72 h in purified resting CD4+ T cell cultures. Mean values and standard deviation of seven independent experiments using resting CD4+ T cells from aviremic ART-treated HIV...
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