MOESM1 of Whole genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum from dried blood spots using selective whole genome amplification

Samuel Oyola, Cristina Ariani, William Hamilton, , Lucas Amenga-Etego, Anita Ghansah, Gavin Rutledge, Seth Redmond, Magnus Manske, , Chris Jacob, Thomas Otto, Kirk Rockett, Chris Newbold, Matthew Berriman & Dominic Kwiatkowski
Additional file 1: Figure S1. A plot of primers (probes) and their binding distribution on the P. falciparum genome. The topmost panel show cumulating binding positions and distribution profile of all the 28 primers. Black dots (1) show positions where the primer binds and Red (0) dots shows positions with no primer binding. Probes are ordered from bottom to top; the first 10 primers is Probe_10, followed by Probe_20 then Probe_28. Figure S2. Coverage depths...
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