Additional file 1: of Surface layer proteins from virulent Clostridium difficile ribotypes exhibit signatures of positive selection with consequences for innate immune response

Mark Lynch, Thomas Walsh, Izabela Marszalowska, Andrew Webb, , Thomas Rogers, Henry Windle, Dermot Kelleher, Mary O’Connell & Christine Loscher
a Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) of the slpA gene. The MSA were generated using MUSCLE and ClustalX, and included sequences from 26 strains of Clostridium difficile, representing 16 major ribotypes. Areas of the alignment corresponding to both LMW and HMW subunits are highlighted, as are areas essential for binding and complex formation. Putative positively selected residues are shown with an asterix at their location. b Results of likelihood mapping in the SLP dataset. In the...
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