Additional file 2: of Intratumoral and peritumoral radiomics for the pretreatment prediction of pathological complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy based on breast DCE-MRI

Nathaniel Braman, Maryam Etesami, , Christina Dubchuk, Hannah Gilmore, Pallavi Tiwari, Donna Plecha &
Comparison of top radiomic and pharmacokinetic DCE-MRI parameters. Left: Box plots of top radiomic features among experimental groups. All-comers: kurtosis of intratumoral initial CoLlAGe information measure of correlation 1. HR+, HER2â : kurtosis of initial peritumoral CoLlAGe entropy. TN/HER2+: median of peritumoral peak Laws Level-Ripple. Right: Box plots of pharmacokinetic parameters (Ktrans, Kep, Ve) do not separate pCR and non-pCR among entire dataset, nor within HR+, HER2â and TN/HER2+ groups. (PNG 186 kb)
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