Table-Top Nonlinear Optics in the 100-eV Spectral Region.

Boris Bergues, Daniel Rivas, Matthew Weidman, Alexander Muschet, Wolfram Helml, Alexander Guggenmos, Vladimir Pervak, Ulf Kleineberg, Gilad Marcus & Reinhard Kienberger
Nonlinear light-matter interactions in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) are a prerequisite to perform XUV-pump/XUV-probe spectroscopy of core electrons. Such interactions are now routinely investigated at free-electron laser (FEL) facilities. Yet, electron dynamics are often too fast to be captured with the femtosecond resolution of state-of-the-art FELs. Attosecond pulses from laser-driven XUV-sources offer the necessary temporal resolution. However, intense attosecond pulses supporting nonlinear processes have only been available for photon energy below 50 eV, precluding XUV-pump/XUV-probe...
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