Mid-infrared octave spanning supercontinuum generation to 8.5μm in silicon-germanium waveguides

Milan Sinobad, Christelle Monat, Barry Luther-Davies, Pan Ma, Stephen Madden, David Moss, , David Allioux, Regis Orobtchouk & Salim Boutami
Efficient on-chip molecule and bio-agent detection can be achieved by accessing strong molecular absorption lines in the mid-infrared. It however requires high output power broadband mid-IR sources. Here, we report supercontinuum generation in an air-clad Si0.6Ge0.4/Si waveguide that emits a broad spectrum spanning from 3.0 to 8.5μm. These waveguides have anomalous dispersion and low propagation loss (< 0.4dB/cm) in the mid-IR, which leads to a supercontinuum output with a high average power of more than...
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