Facile One-Step Sonochemical Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Graphene/Ag3PO4 Quantum Dots Composites

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Abstract In this study, a novel graphene/Ag3PO4 quantum dot (rGO/Ag3PO4 QD) composite was successfully synthesized via a facile one-step photo-ultrasonic-assisted reduction method for the first time. The composites were analyzed by various techniques. According to the obtained results, Ag3PO4 QDs with a size of 1–4 nm were uniformly dispersed on rGO nanosheets to form rGO/Ag3PO4 QD composites. The photocatalytic activity of rGO/Ag3PO4 QD composites was evaluated by the decomposition of methylene blue (MB). Meanwhile, effects...
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