Supplementary material from \"The external scent efferent system of selected European true bugs (Heteroptera): a biomimetic inspiration for passive, unidirectional fluid transport\"

Florian Hischen, Gerda Buchberger, Cristina Plamadeala, Oskar Armbruster, Ernst Heiss, Kai Winands, Martin Schwarz, Bert Jüttler, Johannes Heitz & Werner Baumgartner
In this work, we present structured capillaries that were inspired by the microstructures of the external scent efferent system as found in different European true bug species (Pentatomidae and Cydnidae). These make use of small, orientated structures in order to facilitate fluid movement towards desired areas where defensive substances are evaporated. Gland channels and microstructures were investigated by means of scanning-electron microscopy (SEM) and abstracted into three-dimensional models. We used these models to create scent...
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