Supplementary material from \"Climate extremes, land–climate feedbacks and land-use forcing at 1.5°C\"

Sonia I. Seneviratne, Richard Wartenburger, , Annette L. Hirsch, Martha M. Vogel, Victor Brovkin, Detlef P. Van Vuuren, Nathalie Schaller, Lena Boysen, Katherine V. Calvin, Jonathan Doelman, Peter Greve, Petr Havlik, Florian Humpenöder, Tamas Krisztin, Daniel Mitchell, Alexander Popp, , Joeri Rogelj, , Jana Sillmann & Elke Stehfest
This article investigates projected changes in temperature and water cycle extremes at 1.5°C of global warming, and highlights the role of land processes and land-use changes (LUCs) for these projections. We provide new comparisons of changes in climate at 1.5°C versus 2°C based on empirical sampling analyses of transient simulations versus simulations from the ‘Half a degree Additional warming, Prognosis and Projected Impacts’ (HAPPI) multi-model experiment. The two approaches yield similar overall results regarding changes...
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