Supplementary material from "Folding cooperativity and allosteric function in the tandem-repeat protein class"

Albert Perez-Riba, Marie Synakewicz & Laura S. Itzhaki
The term allostery was originally developed to describe structural changes in one binding site induced by the interaction of a partner molecule with a distant binding site (Monod and Jacob. 1961 Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 26, 389–401. (doi:10.1101/SQB.1961.026.01.048)), and it has been studied in depth in the field of enzymology (Motlagh et al. 2014 Nature 508, 331–339. (doi:10.1038/nature13001), Cui and Karplus. 2008 Protein Sci. 17, 1295–1307. (doi:10.1110/ps.03259908), Goodey and Benkovic. 2008 Nat. Chem....
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