Molecular identification and characterization of Anaplasma capra and Anaplasma platys-like in Rhipicephalus microplus in Ankang, Northwest China

Wen-Ping Guo, Bing Zhang, Yi-Han Wang, Gang Xu, Xiaoquan Wang, Xuebing Ni & En-Min Zhou
Abstract Background Four species within Anaplasma genus are emerging zoonotic pathogens, which are transmitted by ticks and generate veterinary and public health concerns. Here, we performed a molecular survey of Anaplasma in Ankang, Northwest China. Methods Hard ticks were collected and identified using morphological and molecular methods. Human-pathogenic Anaplasma species were tested using nested polymerase chain reaction. The nearly complete rrs, gltA, and groEL genes sequences from revealed Anaplasma species were amplified and sequenced to...
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