Insights into the genetic architecture of the human face

Julie White &
This project hosts figures and supplementary material relevant to the following research work:
Authors: J.D. White†, K. Indencleef†, S. Naqvi, R.J. Eller, H. Hoskens, J. Roosenboom, M.K. Lee, J. Li, J. Mohammed, S. Richmond, E.E. Quillen, H.L. Norton, E. Feingold, T. Swigut, M.L. Marazita, H. Peeters, G. Hens, J.R. Shaffer, J. Wysocka, S. Walsh, S.M. Weinberg, M.D. Shriver, and P. Claes. † These authors contributed equally to this work
Title: Insights into the genetic architecture...
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