From Pan-African transpression to Cadomian transtension at the West African margin: New U-Pb zircon ages from the Eastern Saghro inlier (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)

, Ulf Linnemann, Mandy Hofmann, Andreas Gärtner, Johannes Zieger, Jessica Gätner, Katja Mende, Jamal El Kabouri, Dominique Gasquet & Nasser Zieger
New U-Pb zircon ages from the Eastern Saghro massif in the Anti-Atlas of Morocco demonstrate a link between Pan-African transpressive collision at c. 600 Ma and transtension caused by the onset of Cadomian subduction and arc development from c. 570 Ma onwards. We present new U-Pb LA ICP-MS ages of detrital and magmatic zircon from the Saghro, M’Gouna, and Ouarzazate Groups. The siliciclastic deposits of the Saghro Group were deposited in a back-arc setting developed...
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