A single nucleotide polymorphism assay sheds light on the extent and distribution of genetic diversity, population structure and functional basis of key traits in cultivated north American cannabis

Philippe Henry, Surender Khatodia, Karan Kapoor, Britni Gonzales, Alexis Middleton, Kevin Hong, Aaron Hilyard, Steve Johnson, Davis Allen, Zachary Chester, Dan Jin, José Carlos Rodriguez Jule, Iain Wilson, Manu Gangola, Jason Broome, Deron Caplan, Dinesh Adhikary, Michael K. Deyholos, Michael Morgan, Oliver W. Hall, Brent J. Guppy & Cindy Orser
Abstract Background The taxonomic classification of Cannabis genus has been delineated through three main types: sativa (tall and less branched plant with long and narrow leaves), indica (short and highly branched plant with broader leaves) and ruderalis (heirloom type with short stature, less branching and small thick leaves). While still under discussion, particularly whether the genus is polytypic or monotypic, this broad classification reflects putative geographical origins of each group and putative chemotype and pharmacologic...
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