Integrated sRNAome and RNA-Seq analysis reveals miRNA effects on betalain biosynthesis in pitaya

, , , Noemi Tel Zur, Lulu Zhang, , Rong Zhang, , & Yonghua Qin
Abstract Background MicroRNAs (miRNAs) and their regulatory functions in anthocyanin, carotenoid, and chlorophyll accumulation have been extensively characterized in many plant species. However, the miRNA regulatory mechanism in betalain biosynthesis remains mostly unknown. Results In this study, 126 conserved miRNAs and 41 novel miRNAs were first isolated from Hylocereus monacanthus, among which 95 conserved miRNAs belonged to 53 miRNA families. Thirty-four candidate miRNAs related to betalain biosynthesis were differentially expressed. The expression patterns of those...
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