Surface displacement revealed by L-band InSAR analysis in the Mayya area, Central Yakutia, underlain by continuous permafrost

Takahiro Abe, Go Iwahana, Petr V. Efremov, Alexey R. Desyatkin, Takumi Kawamura, Alexander Fedorov, Yuri Zhegusov, Kazuki Yanagiya & Takeo Tadono
Abstract Recent increases in global temperature have stimulated permafrost degradation associated with landform deformation caused by the melting of excess ground ice (thermokarst). Central Yakutia is underlain by ice-rich continuous permafrost, and there are complicated permafrost-related features in forested and deforested areas. This situation makes thermokarst monitoring necessary over a wide area to achieve a better understanding of its dynamics. As a case study, we applied L-band InSAR analysis to map surface subsidence due to...
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