Patient and surrogate attitudes via an interviewer-administered survey on exception from informed consent enrollment in the Prehospital Air Medical Plasma (PAMPer) trial

, Francis X. Guyette, Joshua B. Brown, Peter W. Adams, Barbara J. Early, Mark H. Yazer, Matthew D. Neal, Brian S. Zuckerbraun & Jason L. Sperry
Abstract Objectives With increased focus on early resuscitation methods following injury to improve patient outcomes, studies are employing exception from informed consent (EFIC) enrollment. Few studies have assessed patients’ opinions following participation in an EFIC study, and none have been conducted within the realm of traumatic hemorrhage. We surveyed those patients and surrogates previously enrolled in the Prehospital Air Medical Plasma (PAMPer) Trial to clarify their opinions related to consent and emergency research. Methods Telephone...
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