Linkage of alterations in systemic iron homeostasis to patients’ outcome in sepsis: a prospective study

Anna Brandtner, Piotr Tymoszuk, Manfred Nairz, Georg F. Lehner, Gernot Fritsche, Anja Vales, Andreas Falkner, Harald Schennach, Igor Theurl, Michael Joannidis, Günter Weiss & Christa Pfeifhofer-Obermair
Abstract Background Sepsis, a dysregulated host response following infection, is associated with massive immune activation and high mortality rates. There is still a need to define further risk factors and laboratory parameters predicting the clinical course. Iron metabolism is regulated by both, the body’s iron status and the immune response. Iron itself is required for erythropoiesis but also for many cellular and metabolic functions. Moreover, iron availability is a critical determinant in infections because it...
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