Flywheel squats versus free weight high load squats for improving high velocity movements in football. A randomized controlled trial

Edvard H. Sagelv, Sigurd Pedersen, Lars Petter R. Nilsen, Andrea Casolo, Boye Welde, Morten B. Randers & Svein Arne Pettersen
Abstract Background High load (HL: > 85% of one repetition maximum (1RM)) squats with maximal intended velocity contractions (MIVC) combined with football sessions can be considered a relevant and time-efficient practice for maintaining and improving high velocity movements in football. Flywheel (FW) resistance exercise (RE) have recently emerged with promising results on physical parameters associated with football performance. Methods In this randomized controlled trial over 6 weeks, 38 recreationally active male football players randomly performed...
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